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This audio file contains the best moments and highlights from previous live seminars on the depressive personality, with Dr. Matthew Bennett, clinical psychologist, and presented by The Aeolian Center for Psychotherapy.

This special edition contains a collection of almost 3 hours of audio clips from 2015-2016 live events,  featuring a comprehensive overview of the material offered during those seminars. The content is packed with valuable examples and practical suggestions on how to recognize, live with, and treat people with depressive personalities. The short clips of the recordings from the individual seminars are combined and organized thematically by subject to create a narrative (see audio content).

The edited audio file contain almost 2 hours of material that is ready for downloading as MP3 file, that can be played on computers, MP3 players, smart phones, etc.
Note:  The audio files are live recordings recorded at different times, places and with different equipment; therefore, the audio quality of the various clips may vary.

This audio recording will be part of our future  online CE course. 


About the Seminars: This seminar explored the introjective defensive style of the depressive personality from a broadly psychodynamic perspective, and discussed constructive ways of approaching the depressive personality in therapy. The recording contains valuable examples and practical suggestions on how to recognize, live with, and treat people with depressive personalities. The depressive is emotionally sensitive, self-critical, fearful of rejection, and often carries around an inordinate amount of inappropriate guilt and unmourned losses.  Healthy depressives often make up for their own perceived failures by trying to heal others and doing good deeds; more disturbed depressives may descend into self-hatred, mood disorder, and even psychotic features.

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 PART 1:
       1. Introduction
       2. General Overview  
       3. Circumplex Model - Defensive Styles and Sense of Self  
       4. Introjection  
       5. Continuum of Emotional Health
       6. Unmourned Losses and Guilt
       7. Grandiose Self and Idealization of Others
       8. Closeness  
       9. Abandonment Anxiety  
 PART 2:
      10. Fear of Loss of Love  
       11. Other’s Perception of Depressives
       12. Depressive versus Depressed  
       13. Anger  
       14. Depressive Collapse
       15. Manic and Self-Defeating Personalities
       16. Historical Development of the Depressive Personality
       17. Historical Development of  the Depressive Personality in DSM  
 PART 3: 
       18. Popular Conceptualization of the Depressive Characters
       19. Aging and Emotional Intelligence 
       20. The Depressive in Therapy  
       21. Therapeutic Implications  
       22. Empathic Failure and Transference Cure
       23. The Depressive Therapist 
       24. Cultural Context


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part3:  58:06:787  
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part3: 82,446 MB
Speaker: Dr Matthew Bennett
Publisher: The Aeolian Center for Psychotherapy
Product Code: DEP116
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