Online Continuing Education- Frequently Asked Questions

The Aeolian Center provides distant learning (online) continuing education (CE) credits to licensed mental health professionals such as Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs), Licensed Social Workers (LCSWs), Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEPs) and LPCCs (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors) under CPA (California Psychological Association) approval (provider # AEO001). 


Q: What is CE credit?

A: Each one (1) CE credit corresponds to one (1) hour of reading, watching or listening to course materials.

Q: When I will be awarded with the CE credit?

A: The day you submit the evaluation (after you pass the posttest) is your course completion date.

Q: Do I have to complete the online course in one sitting?

A: You can complete the courses in one or more sittings. They will be in your account page and you can return to them at any time.

Q: How do I create “My account” page?

A: Option 1 - during your first course purchase, you will be ask to register and create an account at the checkout page.
Option 2 – you can also register by going to “ My Account” link . Top main menu tabs "ONLINE CE" >>> "MY ACCOUNT". from any of our web pages.
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Q: Can I change my password later?

A: You can change your email address and/or password in your profile at any point, from “My Account page”

Q: can I edit My Account profile page

A: Yes, you can change certain information, like password or personal information under account details.
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Q: I've changed my email address. What should I do?

A: You can change your email when you "sign in" to your Online Courses by clicking on "My Account".
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Q: How long I will have access to my courses?

A: You will have access to the courses' material, evaluations, tests and certificates for at least three years unless your delete your account.

Q: What are the course elements composed of?

A: Course material is comprised of online articles, an audio and video files as well as Power Point Presentations. In addition our quizzes and course models include elements of gamifications. These courses elements are marked clearly in the course pages.
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Q: Do I need a special program to see the online courses?

A: You don’t need any special courses to see the courses through our system. It is recommended to have the website browser updated to have the best online experience.

Q: Can I download my course materials?

A: Some of the course materials are available to download after purchasing the course (eg. PDF articles, audio files etc.). Once they will be on your computer or other devices, you may need additional programs like PDF file viewer (eg. Adobe Acrobat), audio or movie player, to be able open those files.

Q: What is the passing rate on the tests?

A: The passing rate is 75%. Unless otherwise stated

Q: How do I know if I passed or failed the test?

A: After completing the test, you will get an on-screen message notifying you of whether you passed or failed the individual test and your score. If your total score is above 75%, you will be able to proceed to the evaluation of the course and then the online printable certificate. If you scored below 75%, you have to take the test again.

Q: How many time I can take the course test(s)?

A: You can take the test as many times as you need to pass.

Q: When do I receive certificate?

A: The day you submit the evaluation and past the course test(s) will be your course completion date.

Q: In which form I will receive certificate?

A: You will get your test results and a printable certificate instantaneously online.

Q: How can my see my course Progress

A: you can see your progress by clicking the arrow on the left (next to the title). In drop down window bar showing Course “Progress Overview” will appear.

Q: Does Aeolian Center reports my credits or courses completion to my licensing board?

A: The Aeolian Center for Psychotherapy does not report your CE credits or courses completion to your licensing boards. We provide you with a certificate of completion that you will have to submit to your licensing board if you are required to do so.

Q: How long is Aeolian Center required to keep CE records of students?

A: The CA Code of Regulations for Continuing Education says:
The approved provider shall be required to maintain attendance records for three (3) years for each continuing education course.