Depressive personality demystified:  Effective approaches to addressing depressive personality traits in therapy.


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This online audio course explores constructive ways of approaching the depressive personality in therapy from a broadly psychodynamic perspective.  The course reviews historical perspectives on the depressive personality in the literature and in diagnostic nosology.  The materials present the depressive personality dynamic as a function of an introjective (anger-inwards) defensive style, and address both commonly occurring normal depressive traits as well as Depressive Personality Disorder (DPD).  These personality dynamics are differentiated from mood disorders like major depression and dysthymic disorder.

  CE Hours: 3
  Course Elements:
Audio (85% of content). Listen to an audio clip(s) from a previously recorded live presentation and access instructional materials. You will be able to download the mp3 file or listen   through our online course system. 


Dr. Matthew Bennett PsyD.

Dr Matthew Bennett, licensed psychologist, has 20 years of experience in clinical, faculty, and administrative capacities.  He was Director of Mental Health at First Step Recovery and Wellness Center, NE; clinic administrator at Ventura County Behavioral Health, CA; Founding member of Ventura County’s pre-doctoral internship program and director of clinical training at Pacifica Graduate Institute Clinical Program. He is also a past president of Santa Barbara Psychological Association. Dr. Bennett is currently a professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute in  Santa Barbara and Reiss Davis Center in Los Angeles. He provides continuing education lectures for licensed mental health professionals while maintains private practice in Ventura and Santa Barbara, offering short and long-term individual and group psychotherapy.

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After completing this course, readers will be able to :
Identify the....
Identify strategies to....
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1. Course Overview


2. Instructions

3. Audio files ( Listen to an audio clip(s) from a previously recorded live presentation. MP3  files included in the course, no need for additional purchase)


1. Introduction

2. General Overview

3. Circumplex Model, Defensive Styles and Sense of Self

4. Introjection

5. Continuum of Emotional Health

6. Unmourned Losses and Guilt

7. Grandiose Self and Idealization of Others

8. Closeness

9. Abandonment Anxiety



10. Fear of Loss of Love

11. Other’s Perception of Depressives

12. Depressive versus Depressed

13. Anger

14. Depressive Collapse

15. Manic and Self-Defeating Personalities

16. Historical Development of the Depressive Personality

17. Historical Development of  the Depressive Personality in DSM


PART 3: 

18. Popular Conceptualization of the Depressive Characters

19. Aging and Emotional Intelligence

20. The Depressive in Therapy

21. Therapeutic Implications

22. Empathic Failure and Transference Cure

23. The Depressive Therapist

24. Cultural Context


4. Post-test (Pass the online post-test with a score of 75% or better to receive a certificate of completion)

5.  Course Evaluation (required)

6. Certificate (instant)


The course was developed by Dr. Matthew Bennett 

Course content © copyright 2017 by The Aeolian Center for Psychotherapy.  All rights reserved. Last revised: 2017


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