Online CE instructions

      How to register
      Course process - step by step

How to create an account: 

You can  create an account at the checkout page while purchasing  first course. You can also register at the "My Account"page that can be accesses from main top menu
ONLINE CE>> MY ACCOUNT (see details below).

How to log in to your account

You can log in  to your account by going to “ My Account” link in the upper menu tabs ONLINE CE>>> MY ACCOUNT.  Accessible  from any of our web pages. You can log in with your own password (created at your first registration) and you will have access to all the records of all your courses that you registered as well as your printable certificates.


Your individual profile within "My Account" page will include all your basic information, such as name, address, email, password, phones, license #. You can change the information at any time by signing  in to "My Account".
Make sure that you add your professional licence number in the window where you enter your last name. 
eg. Last Name: Smith PSY # 12345  This will allow for the licence # to be included on your future certificates Whatever information is in your profile will show on your certificate.

Course Process - Step by Step

In order to successfully complete the course requirements, course participants will need Internet access, be able to send and receive email, know how to manage simple files in a word processing program, and have a basic understanding of the Internet. The process is automated  so we currently are not able to offer technical support. In the event that you need technical support, please contact your Internet Service Provider or your local technology support agency.

Step 1- Course Selection

Select online course from our catalog. Add the select course(s) to your cart. If you want to learn more about the course, before purchasing it, just click on the title. This will direct you to the course page with the description of the course.

Step 2- Shopping Cart

Selected course will be added to your  cart. You can remove the course from the cart  by clicking X.
You can return to the catalog page and add more courses if needed. When you ready,  select  "Proceed to checkout"  button.

Step 3- Checkout:
New Customer

You will be asked to create an new account during the checkout.
IMPORTANT:  Make sure that in the window where you enter your last name you also  enter your professional licence number
eg.  Last Name: Smith PSY # 12345   This will allow for the licence #  to be included  on your future certificates.
Your email will become your user name and you will be asked to create password at the bottom of the checkout page.

Returning customer:

You will have to login to your account before proceeding to payment.




Step 4 -Payment:

Complete the purchase by paying via PayPal or by credit cards. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).
After selecting"Proceed to PayPal you will be redirected to PayPal interface to complete the transaction. If your registration goes through, you will get a window with the statement "Payment Complete" and order #.
You will receive email from PayPal, confirming your successful transaction. This email will arrive to email that is associated with your PayPal account or transaction.

After completed payment you will see PayPal receipt. At the bottom of your online receipt you will see “Return to Merchant” button. It will take you back to our page, where you can see information about your recent transaction.

Step 5 – Access your account and course(s):

Option 1:
After returning from PayPal to our website , you will see details of  your recent purchase.  To access your course(s) click on the Blue link in "Order details". this will take you  to your account page ( you may need to sign in).

Option 2:

To access your purchased course(s) go to “My Account” page (see above). You can access it from any of our web pages by going to ONLINE CE (in upper main menu) and clicking on “ My  Account”  from drop down menu. Use the email address you entered on your registration form and your password. Once you reach your "My Account" page you will see list of your courses under “Registered Courses” section.

Step 6 – Review your account

 Before beginning please review your Profile (personal) information and make corrections, if needed within "My Account". This information will appear on your certificate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure that  your last name is flowed  by your Licence #  [eg. Smith Psy#1234]. This will assure that your professional licence  is included on your course completion  certificate.You will not be allowed to change the information that appears on any course certificate once you have completed that course.


Step 7 – Starting /Resuming the course

Once you reach your "My Account" page, click on Course title to start the course or "Resume” button on the top of your profile section, if you already started the course. You will be redirected to your course. course page to proceed with your materials. course page to proceed with your materials.



Step 8 – Course Evaluation

At the end of the course you will be ask to complete final evaluation. They maybe other test(s) or quizzes related to the course materials that you will need to complete during the course or at the end of the course.  You must pass the test (at 75% or more score) and submit an evaluation of the course in order to receive your certificate.


Step 9 – Certificate

At the end of the course after completing all your tasks and evaluations you will receive the certificate. You will be able to access the certificate on your individualized " My Account" page.

Option 1:  by clicking certificate  icon next to the course title.

Option 2: by clicking  print the certificate button inside the course. It will appear when  all the lessons and tasks are finished. 


Note: The certificate is archived for minimum three years after the awarded date. It can be printed or re-printed at any time within that period.


pdf3 PDF : The majority of our courses are in a PDF format.
There is no additional fee for the materials for these courses. All PDF are printable

audio3  Audio : The course includes an audio file, (in form of MP3). It can be listen directly in the course and in some cases is is also downloadable. 

book3 Book: Each book course will require the purchase of the corresponding book, if not already owned. We provide a link to or other selling sources  in order to help acquire the book. When completing a book course, the cost of  the book is in addition to any fees for the units of that course.

video3  Video: The course include embedded video elements, that are part of the CE process





Power Point Presentation:  The course includes PPT presentations that may include sound, animation, graphics, and more.
 Text: The course is designed with online tools, it mostly contains text.

Book Chapter: Some course may contain book chapters that will be part of the materials.

 Test: Each course will include posttests or test inside the materials.