CE SEMINAR: How can a 3500-year-old story be of practical application in current psychotherapy? As an eternal story the Odyssey carries the accumulated cultural experience and wisdom in its timeless and archetypal themes. As such it allows us to continuously imagine its application to real life situations as they present themselves to us both personally and clinically. This elaborate and multifaceted story was presented in a way that allowed the participants to not only understand its potential importance personally and clinically, but also experience and apply it to their understanding of maturation and development over the lifespan with a particular focus on the second half of life.

PSYCHOACTIVE EVENT-WINE TASTING TOUR: To continue the Odyssey team, as part of our Psychoactive tourism, we invited participants to join the speaker and othes in journey via Santa Barbara wine country, after the seminar. 


Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs, LEPs, LPCCs

gabrinetti_pPaul A. Gabrinetti, Ph.D.,
Psychologist and Jungian analyst who has been in practice for over 30 years. He has taught at USC, Jung Institute in Los Angeles and at Pacifica Graduate Institute. He has a particular fondness for the interaction of depth psychology and it's practical application to psychotherapy.

DATE: March 21, 2015, Saturday;
TIME: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm CE Seminar
12:00 pm -1:00 pm lunch on your own
1:00 pm - 5:30 pm Optional Wine tour
# of CE CREDITS: 3

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The value of the Odyssey is in its unlimited ability to speak to our experience and to generate imagination from its deep cultural and historical roots. As such, it carries an archetypal force that continues to speak to our personal and clinical imagination and lend itself in practical ways to the needs and concerns of modern people.

The breadth and depth of this perspective stands in contrast to a more concrete view of life or psychotherapy that seeks to solve an immediate problem at the expense of someone’s larger life or history. This point of view brings context and history to bear on ones overall development and soul rather than a temporary answer that may last for only the moment. The Odyssey goes beyond the mere entertainment value of an interesting story, which indeed it is, and speaks to the soul in each of us in our daily struggles to and nourish that spark of life, generativity, or creativity that wants to come forward and find living reality in our lives.

Each part of this story shows progressive development of the transference, integration and individuation that taking part in the psyche of the main character of Odysseus. We will explore where his energy has been invested, what his state of development and unconsciousness is in each part of the story, and what must be retrieved out of his projections and reintegrated back into his person.

The place of myth and story are important ones in our human History for they carry patterns that reflect where we have come from, and have a compelling pull on our imagination. For practical purposes I will define good story or good myth as that which lingers in the imagination and continues to stimulate new insights, understanding and applications. I want to talk about this story in a way that allows you to understand it’s importance and potentially ongoing contribution to the comprehension of maturation and development over the lifespan and allows us the capacity to continuously imagine it’s application to real life situations as they present themselves to us personally and clinically.

  1. Participants were able to understand the important patterns in this story and their applicability to clinical issues and life patterns.
  2. Participants were able to determine the kind and quality of life patterns that clients find themselves in and can conceptualize a more comprehensive understanding of life situations to base their clinical interventions upon.
  3. Participants were able to differentiate those life patterns that are a part of natural development and those that represent repeated maladaptive repetitions.


9:00 - 9:30 am   Introduction to the story, its background and context.

9:30-10:30 am   The telling of the story and its developmental directions. This will include the nature of development in the first half of life, the transition into the second half of life, and the important milestones in each of these parts of life. This will include life and clinical examples to amplify the process along with discussion.

10:30 -10:45 am    BREAK (approximate time)

10:45 -12:00 pm   Deflation and life transition through the story’s important trial’s, defeat, coming to terms with life on its own terms, navigating life and death, and returning home to one’s own soul. This final section will involve discussion and further life and clinical examples.

12:00 - 1:00 pm Lunch on your own (There are few places to eat, restaurants, coffee places, grocery store etc. in 5 minutes walking radius from the Library). Due to Library regulation, we do not allow food in lecture hall.

1:00 - 5:30 pm   WINE TESTING TOUR (optional) The tour will be leaving at 1:00 pm from Library parking lot, and will come back to this same location after the tour around 5-5:30 pm.


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